Our mission is to find, foster, and publish sci-fi and fantasy books, amplify marginalized voices, create community, and inspire creativity.


Mythos & Ink is an independent press, founded in 2018, with a passion for great stories and the community built around them. We believe that stories can change the world for the better.

We work closely with our authors throughout the editing, publishing, publicity, and marketing processes to ensure everyone involved is passionate about the books we make. Check out our novels!


We publish science fiction, fantasy, and nerdy nonfiction novels. We also make spaces for writers to learn, grow, and become great authors through informative blog posts, writing resources, a worldbuilding podcast, courses, and a Discord community for SFF writers.

Mythos & Ink is an independent publisher. We differ from traditional publishers in that we don’t give authors advances, we offer higher royalty rates than most large publishers, we work closely with our writers, and we only publish a few select books per year. Visit our publishing website here.

Meet Our Team

The staff at Mythos & Ink

Allison Alexander

Editorial Director

Kyle Rudge

Business and Marketing Director

Emma Skrumeda

Editorial Assistant

Christiana Jones

Public Relations Director

Kyla Neufeld

Freelance Copyeditor

Alex Mellen

Freelance Proofreader

Jason Dueck

Freelance Podcast Editor